How far in advance do I need to book you?

Most of our bookings are made 3-6 months in advance. Though, everyone has different planning schedules. We do take plenty of bookings more than a year in advance, or less than two weeks.

Can you play outside?

Yes! We play outside numerous times per year. We just need to be seated in full shade and have shelter available in case it may rain. Our instruments are very sensitive to the outdoors - sun and rain can damage them badly, and make them go out of tune.

If the temperate is below 55 degrees there will need to be an adequate heat source for the musicains. We want to play well for you, but the fingers don't move very well in the cold!

Wedding Procession Timing

Leave that to us! We trim and extend our pieces as needed using built-in stopping points and repeats. We won't keep playing forever once you reach the front of the aisle! If we don't time it 100% perfectly, it will be 10 - 15 seconds at most to come to a good cadence point in the music.

Selecting Music

There are two main points where we like to have your specific input: The Procession and the Recessional. Since these two parts of the ceremony are such focal moments, it is really important to have music that is meaningful to you.

Is amplification necessary/can you provide amplification?

Amplification is generally not necessary for ceremonies. We are usually positioned close enough to the proceedings and there is not much other sound we have to compete with.

For reception type settings amplification can be useful if you want our sound to be uniformly distributed. Even if we are not amplified for reception settings, it usually works well to have us positioned in a central area so that guests can hear us as they move about. Forgoing amplification also preserves the natural acoustic warmth that our instruments produce.

If amplification is desired it is usually easiest for the house sound engineer, or a DJ to mic us into their system.